Lincombe Barn Wargames Society
Alex Self

A top notch game created by our very own Alex Self, Alien Squad Leader is a Science Fiction miniatures wargame for 15mm scale models based as five-man squads. The basic concepts of the game are designed to be easy to pick up, but special rules, army lists, and varied tactical options give added depth. The following army lists are provided in the rules - Human Imperial, Human Colonial, Alien Imperial, Alien Enslaver, Mechanoid, Hive Mind.

Alien Squad Leader is intended to be different from the majority of Science Fiction miniatures rules currently available. It is not meant to be a realistic, near-future, technology-heavy ruleset that fights small actions resembling present-day combat. It is also not a quasi-religious heroic Science-Fantasy battlegame. You can find plenty of excellent rulesets that are like these already. However, if what you are after is an innovative development of HOTT/Warmaster, with a generic, B-Movie, Science-Fantasy feel, that allows you to play a game featuring over 100 miniatures in about three hours then Alien Squad Leader is the game for you!

Info on Alien Squad Leader can be found here

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